Friday, 29 June 2012

Cars cars go away !

I came home from work today to find this red car along with a whole row of others parked opposite our drive.  Now driving an estate meant that I had to reverse in and out about 5 times to get my car into position.  I don't mind the odd occasion of this happening - for example if the neighbours have a party and they have lots of guests its not a problem, but this has happened every day this week and its starting to get annoying.

I like to reverse into our drive because reversing out of a space with kids window shades creates a rather large blind spot and I believe it not to be as safe.

I'd like to complain to the council like my neighbours have done but do we have a right to complain?  There are no parking restrictions on our road even though we are close to a zone 6 station and a parade of shops nor are their any signs saying they aren't allowed.

Maybe I'll go out there with a tin of yellow paint at the weekend.....

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