Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Delivery Day

I thought today was going to be really boring but it turned out otherwise !  I had today reserved for a new fridge/freezer delivery as well as our new kitchen worktop delivery.  Monday I get a text from Ikea saying my delivery slot was 12pm to 4pm and yesterday I get a text from the fridge suppliers sayings 830am to 12pm so that pretty much meant I had to stay indoors ALL day !

Luckily to save my sanity my friend and her little boy came over.  Our kids are 6 months apart with hers being older and its so great seeing them play together.  Toddler penguin was a complete show off when our guests turned up - running around like a lunatic but we soon got them out into the garden throwing balls and generally destroying my plants....all in the name of fun !

I also managed to take huge advantage of the sunshine and muggy weather and get 4 wash loads done and dried, ironed and put away.  I've also started emptying cupboards in preparation for our new kitchen being installed....a successful day in my opinion!

On the downside - for those with Peppa Pig fanatics, I met a not so Mr Skinny Legs hiding behind our basket of shoes by the bag door.  I have noticed a massive cobweb now - this is what happens when papa penguin offers to hoover and he doesn't move things off the floor.  Well due to my huge fear I have not touched the basket since but am tempted to feed Mr Skinny Legs just so he doesn't go off wandering in search for food !


  1. Lol, men always seem to hoover around things rather than MOVE things. Men, eh?!
    Anyhow, welcome to blogger, I am also new :) x

  2. Would you believe I got hubbie to hoover behind the basket and the spider had vanished ! Typical ! Thanks for being my 1st commentor x

  3. You really need to get over your fear of spiders Lara, now that you're a Mum!!!