Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wedding Bells and Cake

My mum got married at the weekend !  We had a fantastic day and although it was a bit windy it didn't rain ! Could that mean that summer is on its way ?

My mother looked gorgeous in the golden dress and my now stepdad looked very dashing in his suit....even if he didn't stay in it all night !  So my first picture that I choose to display is a family shot.

Thats papa penguin on the far left, my stepdad, my mother the gorgeous bridge, my grandad (still going strong at 86), moi and my amazing son.

We had an eventful morning whereby we could find the wedding venue.  My mum was already there waiting for us and we had parked the car with grandad in tow and just could not find it.  We asked some firemen for directions and they said it was a 20 minute walk.  Ha ha no way could my grandad do that....he barely makes it to the end of the they offer him a lift - I think it was the highlight of his year !

So lets skip past the ceremony and to the evenings events....specifically the cake !  Homemade by yours truly !  Mother wanted two tears, one to be chocolate and then chocolate ganache poured over it !  It took a lot of trials and lots of cake to eat but here's a mid shot and the finished shot follows.

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  1. Lara,unless it made you cry,it was two tiers, not two tears!!!
    And I just want to add that it was amazing. My daughter is a very clever and patient girl. I am very proud of her.
    And thank you Lara for your lovely comments about my dress!