Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dust Dust and more Dust

The kitchen remodelling is well under way and I'm loving it so far. I love my new units, my new powerful hob, my new sink, my new tap.....but I'm not loving the dust. Its getting everywhere including up the stairs and into my sons room. I have truly given up housework ! I dust bedrooms once a month and did toddler penguin's 2 weeks ago. It is shocking now and looks like I haven't cleaned since we moved in January !

I've also just had a reflexology treatment by my good friend/colleague and not only did she pick up the normal tensions in my shoulders but she along noticed congestion in my lungs from feeling my toes. Reflexolgy is quite amazing but its disturbing to know that my toes are showing that my lungs are congested. Must be all the dust ! Well with this hot weather I made the mistake of bringing the fan down from the bedroom and putting it in the kitchen so I could start filling up the cupboards and proof dust went everywhere ! All into the playroom to cover toddler penguin's toys in more dust !

I've decided to just concentrate on keeping the bathrooms clean, making sure the bedding is changed weekly and to use the time spent on housework to restock the freezer with bulk meals and to play more with my son ! The heat however isn't helping !