Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I'm not a fan of this word.  A year ago I got put in a position where I was nearly made redundant but one of my closest friends at work ended up leaving and it was devastating.  Then a week later about 5 more close colleagues across the company left.  It was the worst month ever.  No handover periods, no one knowing what was going on and then our company was taken over last October.

Roll on nine months and I have been told that I will "potentially" be made redundant next Friday.  I work part time and 4 of us have been given the chance to apply for another job.  But this job is full time and we will lose some benefits.  Including our paid travel.  Well I don't want to work full time and actually can't afford to go to work unless my travel is paid for as my salary is eaten up by childcare costs.  I do not have a problem with the high childcare this as I think its been great for toddler penguin to go to a childminders 3 days a week.  He has benefitted really well and he loves it there.  Now sadly being made redundant means I can no longer send him there and he is going to lose his toddler friends.

I guess redundancy doesn't just affect you but it affects your whole family.  I will know a lot more next week but I need to start thinking about what to do.  I am after all 6 months pregnant - not sure anyone would employ me for a few months!

I think my papa penguin needs to get a pay rise so I can become a full time stay at home mum....be nice if I could be a lady that lunches too !


  1. I hope that things work out for the best for you all, whatever that may be! x

  2. You will be OK. I have had loads of redundancies and my husband too as we both worked for charities where funding runs out all too often.
    Remember what you have in your life and in the grand scheme of things a job is just a tiny part of it all.
    You take care and all the best for the future