Sunday, 1 July 2012


I've never been one for routines until having a baby. When toddler penguin was 6 weeks old I started the Baby Whisperer's 3 hourly EASY routine and it was a life saver!

I'm a firm believer of bed time routines.  Winding down from 6pm.  Bath at 630pm.  Teeth and bed at 7pm (he no longer has an interest in milk at night).  Maybe 730pm at weekends.  I like toddler penguin to know whats expected of him every evening and it works very well for us as a family.  I also like having my evenings to myself / with papa penguin.

So if you are wondering why I have a picture of my son's feet its because I have a new evening routine.  We tend to start getting ready for bed from about 930pm.  That involves a quick tidy of the lounge, glasses and mugs in the dishwasher, quick wipe down of the kitchen (I like to wake up to a clean kitchen), lock up then we head upstairs.  Generally its pj's on, wash face, brush teeth and have a last minute wee before checking on toddler penguin and removing all the toys from his bed.  Now recently I've been  doing a 5 minute lower calf stretch using the stairs because in my second trimester I've been suffering with severe lower leg and toe cramps in the night.  I've been waking papa penguin up clutching my leg or foot screaming out in pain.  The leg stretches have helped so much.  

You should be glad I didn't post a picture of my feet ! I only have 9 toenails !

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