Monday, 23 July 2012

Weekly Meal Plan - July 23

We're into the second week of having our kitchen refurbished and I think we might just be all pasta'd out !  Me had shop bought microwaveable meals last week after work (luckily toddler penguin had been fed well at the childminders) and hubbie and I weren't impressed!

It is very hard to meal plan when you don't know what state your kitchen will be in or what you are going to fancy.  We have been making using of the toaster, kettle and camping stove along with a visit from my mum and her homemade chilli and curry.

Yesterday my stepdad got the hob and oven connected so this weeks meals are looking more exciting that last weeks toast and pasta !

Monday: Take away with my mum and step dad
Tuesday: Salmon Risotto - recipe to follow as its a household fave
Wednesday: Chilli and Rice
Thursday: Pasta Parcels in a tomato sauce - unused from last weeks shop
Friday: Prawn Stir Fry
Saturday lunch: pub lunch somewhere up north !
Saturday dinner: Pitta Pizza's
Sunday lunch: Holiday
Sunday dinner: Roasted Chicken with Salami and Courgettes served with new potatoes and brocilli

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