Friday, 31 August 2012

£20 better off

Finally after 2 years of having the same phone my contract is up for renewal.  However there are no phones on the market that I like and I'm fed up with paying £36 a month yet only using half of my allowance. 

I have a blackberry torch and after a week of searching have found no other like it.  I love having the option of the touch screen and the qwerty keyboard.  I've used papa penguin's iPhone and now his samsung but I just can't get on with typing on a touch screen. 

So after a week of reasearch I've decided to keep my phone and downgrade my price plan to a sim only package.  I have signed up for another 12 months but its now only going to cost me £15.50 a month and that includes 600 minutes, unlimited text and 600 MB of data.  I need the minutes as I like to blabber on the phone and turns out I use 350 minutes if calls a month.

When I got this phone I signed up for 2 years and was mortified at the thought.  I've only ever had yearly plans and always got a new phone at the end.  Now I'll have had this phone for 3 years.  Hope it lasts !

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