Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bye bye wires

I'm actually surprised I've made it to 30 weeks but its time to say goodbye to the underwired bras.  I'm sure there are breast experts out there who will tell me off for going this far but each to their own !

I dug out my maternity bras from my previous pregnancy and they are all too big for me so I took a trip to M&S and was very disappointed to find they didn't have any maternity bras in my size in stock.  I tracked down a shop assistant who said that I could order some in or save money (they were selling a pack of 2 for £30) and buy normal non-wired bras from another section at 2 for £16.  What a I picked up 4. My boobs are probably going to continue to grow so I'm going to get fitted properly in about 6 weeks.

Its actually quite a nice feeling owning new bras !

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