Thursday, 23 August 2012

I am in love with my new kitchen !

When we viewed our house I knew straight away I wanted to replace the kitchen.  I know that it didn't need doing and it was liveable but we had nowhere to put the dining table and the storage wasn't great.  Also the real wooden worktops had rotted in places.  We decided to live with the kitchen for a few months so as to know where we wanted things then I set out one weekend and designed it myself using the Ikea Kitchen Planner.  

Beginning of July we ordered the kitchen and a few weeks later it had arrived.  Papa penguin put it all together and then we went to the Lake District for a week and my step dad came and took over and made it into a construction site !  Ahhh fun times indeed living off a camping stove but roll on 4 weeks later with visits from him a few days a week we can finally cut the red ribbon and enjoy our brand new kitchen !

I am in love !  I love the kitchen storage, I love how much space we have.  I love that we have somewhere for the dining table and we can all sit around it and I love that toddler penguin still gets a playroom.

Now all I need to do is get my friends round some entertaining. Next project is the hallway !


  1. Renovating your kitchen was a good choice! The kitchen plays an important role because it is where the food preparation takes place, so it must, at all times, be clean. Anyway, the glass door paved way for light, which helped to create a bright and fresh atmosphere.

    -Althea Tumlin