Sunday, 26 August 2012

Neopolitan Cakes

I make fairy cakes ALL the time. In my second trimester I was making them weekly.  I don't eat a lot of dairy as it doesn't tend to agree with me so I stick to Rice Milk on my cereal and Vitalite or Pure Spread as my source of butter.  Hard goats cheese and Lactofree cream cheese and yummy soya yoghurts are my other favourite products.  Therefore I don't buy shop bought cakes as they all have cows milk in ..... and preservatives 

This weekend I fancied vanilla fairy cakes but papa penguin wanted chocolate so a compromise was needed.  I made these Neopolitan Cakes (gets the name from the ice cream) last year for family and they went down a treat !  

Very easy to make just a bit time consuming !  I use the classic 4-4-4-2 cake mixture but changed the ratio to 6-6-6-3.  Thats 6oz butter (in my case Pure Spread), 6oz caster sugar creamed together.  6oz self raising flour and 3 large eggs are mixed in with about a teaspoon of vanilla essence. The then divide the mixture into three bowls.  Add a bit of pink food colouring to one and a tablespoon of cocoa powder to another.  I put a teaspoon of each of the 3 mixtures into the cake cases and use a cocktail stick to give the combined colours a swirl.  In the oven they go 180degrees for about 25 minutes.

I then make up a batch of butter icing.  I use about 13oz of icing sugar and about 6oz of room temperature butter.  Sometimes I need to add more icing sugar, sometimes more butter.  I then pipe some of the white butter icing in a row on the centre of each cake.  Then spilt the remaining mixture into two bowls.  Add pink colouring to one and cocoa powder to the other and pipe out rows onto the rest of the cakes.

Best served with a cup of tea !  I store my cakes that have butter icing on in the fridge as my kitchen gets a lot of sun during the day! Mmmmm yum yum !

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