Thursday, 2 August 2012

Reasons 2b Cheerful

Following on from last weeks R2bC post and for this weeks Reasons 2b Cheerful J Edition I'm going to dedicate this post to my husband whose name begins with J!  Infact I chose Husband as a reason to be cheerful 2 posts ago.

I met my hubbie at university in 2002 and we got together in 2003.  Sadly we broke up after the summer but in 2005 after a random catching up we got back together! 4 years later we got engaged in Iceland and then I found out I was pregnant.  We had toddler penguin in April 2010 and got married New Years Eve 2010. He is my best friend and my soul mate!  And he doesn't leave the toilet seat up !

I am 6.5 months pregnant and he gives meme a lower leg massage most nights to help my swollen ankles and he makes me a cup of tea every night after dinner !

Hubbie - you are a HUGE reason to be cheerful and you make me laugh everyday !










  1. Lovely reason to be cheerful i.e. you have a good husband. I love your pictures.

  2. Wonderful reason to be very cheerful and you just look so right together. Clearly destined to be together forever. I love the ring pic best of all

  3. Oh what a lovely reason to be cheerful. Your hubby sounds fab! Your photos are so sweet xxx

  4. Lovely story, great pics. Truly great reasons to be cheerful, thanks for sharing :0)

  5. What a lovely post - great photos and wonderful reason to be cheerful!
    I am envisaging him getting down on one knee next to the frozen pees in Iceland though!

    1. thank you - I wish he had got down on one knee ! However we had stopped in a place called pingvellir to stretch our legs and when for a walk up some cliffs in the pouring rain. Got to the top and I was stood on a rock higher than him and thats when he chose the moment....very memorable !