Thursday, 16 August 2012

Reasons 2b Cheerful

For this weeks Reasons 2b Cheerful I've really had to think about when continuing with my letters.....for the L Edition what I am cheerful for.  My name is Lara - therefore can I be cheerful for myself ?

Obvsiously I am cheerful for my Life.  And the Love in my Life. My husband, my son, my baby growing inside of me, my family and and my friends.....I Love them all and they are all part of my Life.

I am currently in Germany and heading just across the border to France tomorrow ....therefore I am cheerful for their Language.  I don't speak much French but with our word "the" being translated to "le" or 'la" I am therefore cheerful for les vacancesla météol'aliment et le temps avec ma famille !

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