Thursday, 23 August 2012

Reasons 2b Cheerful

For this weeks Reasons 2b Cheerful I've really didn't have to think hard about for the M Edition what I am cheerful for.  

The word Mum comes straight to mind this week.  I am cheerful for my Mum and for being a Mum. 

I'm very close to my mum.  Okay so not in terms of distance as she is about 150 miles away but we chat about anything and everything.  My mum is a great role model for me.  I like to think she brought me up well and has taught me great values in life.  She is also an amazing cook and has taught me well and to be resourceful on those evenings when you have nothing to eat but always something in the cupbard that you can russle up. 

My mum and I are very similar.  We write lists for all occassions as we like the satistaction of ticking things off.  We like to make use of ikea sandwich bags for everything and anything that we can get in them and we like spreadsheets.  
I love my mum and I love being a mum.
I enjoy every day being a mummy to my 2 year old son and I'm looking forward to being a mum again in approximatelI love the sentences he comes out with !

I like to think I am a good mum.  I want to be loving yet I want to have respect.  I want to plays arts and crafts and get messy with my kids yet I want them to understand how to tidy up.  I want to be a mum that supports my child in whatever he/she wants to do yet also guide them towards the positive and away from the negative.  At the end of the day I want my child to be safe and loved!

On a lighter note I am also cheerful for the amount of Milka chocolate bars I brought back from my recent hols !  Yum yum !

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