Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reasons 2b Cheerful

Its been tough thinking of Reasons 2b Cheerful beginning with N for this weeks post. 

At the weekend I made Neopolitan Cakes - cakes always make me cheerful !  Can I still be cheerful for my NEW kitchen !  I'm still loving it.  I recently signed up to receive Fly Lady's email's and took on her Shine your Sink lesson. Its so nice coming downstairs to a clean sink and a clean new kitchen every day.  I'm on the look out for fabric to make a roman curtain and normal curtains for the patio doors but 1) I haven't a clue what fabric to go for and 2) I don't actually know how to make curtains so that is putting me off hugely !

I'm off to my mums this weekend and she lives near Norfolk.  My mum looks after my grandad and its been a while since I've seen him.  My grandad is train mad and loves it when we come visit because he means he gets to act like a big kid and play trains with toddler penguin all weekend !

Names have been a big topic of conversation between papa penguin and myself this week.  With 7 weeks to go till my due date and two births amongst my friends means we need to decide on a name.  I think we've decided on a girls name but we are still struggling with a boys name.  I have 2 names that I like but can't get papa penguin to agree on them. Watch this space !


  1. Ooh have you shared kitchen pics, I need to go and see! Have a lovely weekend visiting your mum x

  2. Oh I'm so Jealous, wish I had a new kitchen, sadly we are just re jigging ours with a few extra cupboards, thank you for linking up xxx

  3. i want a new kitchen! and the someone to come and bake cakes for me all day too... OBVIOUSLY. good luck with the names and have a lovely time at ur mums xxx

  4. Good luck on the names, and I hope you're enjoying the kitchen. :) Have a lovely week!

  5. Love the name Taliesin for a boy. My son is called franklyn x