Thursday, 9 August 2012

Reasons 2b Cheerful

For this weeks Reasons 2b Cheerful hosted by Glass Half Full I'm continuing with my letters.....for the K Edition I am cheerful for the following:

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant - thats 10 weeks to go....roughly !  I am grateful everyday for getting pregnant straight away and I am very blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy.  Therefore I am cheerful for the amount of kicks I get from "baby deux" throughout the day - even when I'm made to walk around the office at work because I'm so uncomfortable from being kicked repeatedly in the ribs or when lying on the sofa I have to readjust because my hips are getting a battering !

There is a charity called Count the Kicks who encourage mums to monitor their babies movement and report any worries to a midwife.  I think this charity is amazing and although I've never needed to worry about the kicks as I get so many I hope that other people pay attention and keep and eye on things.

I am also cheerful that my kitchen remodelling is going really well and last night the tiles started to be fixed.  By the time I get home tonight from work it should be looking great !  Can't wait !


  1. You can buy wristbands that you twist when you feel the baby move to monitor movements, such a great idea... just need to convince the Mr to have a baby lol.

    Love the pic x

  2. Eee, exciting! Only ten more weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen in all its glory! x

  3. I too can't wait for the kitchen to be finished! Then we are moving on to the hallway!

  4. Oh you can't beat all those baby kicks! I loved it in both my pregnancies. Can't wait to see your finished kitchen xx

  5. baby kicks are wonderful! so glad the kitchen is going well