Sunday, 16 September 2012

Is my wedding over?

Papa penguin and I got married New Years Eve 2010 and it was one of the best days of my life! It's an amazing feeling to marry the one you love and have all your friends and family together in the same room together all celebrating at once.

We got married at Winters Barns in Canterbury and what an amazing venue it was. Yes a December wedding meant it was a bit chilly but we both prefer to be a bit chilly than sweaty hot so it was perfect for us....lots of champagne helped!

3 weeks after our wedding Debenhams delivered all our gifts that our wonderful friends and family hd purchased. Sadly we were due to put our flat on the market so we had a quick look through took a few bits out and the rest went into storage.  12 months later we finally moved but as we had plans to do up the kitchen a lot of the wedding boxes went straight into the garage....until yesterday....I got to unpack all of them (a further 9 months later).

Oh it was like Christmas Day! Every thing had labels on as to who got us what and it was so nice to be reminded of how giving all our friends were. There is just one box left that includes a new king size duvet....we've yet to buy a king sized next year once baby is no longer with us it will be another nice treat to open the box.

Does feel like its all over more wedding bits and pieces to deal with....for now I will just have to keep looking through my photo albums or my hubby to remind myself what an amazing day it was.

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