Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My name is Lara and I am a Stay at Home Mum

4 hours ago I left my office of the past 9 years and got on the train home.  I picked toddler penguin up from the minders, came home, bathed him and put him to bed then made some dinner.  Papa penguin is in Glasgow so its just me....sitting here still not believing that I have finished work....possibly forever !

In July redundancies came up and I took voluntary.  However I agreed to stay on till my original planned finish of mid September in order to have 4 weeks off work before my due date.  Its worked out well in that my redundancy money means I don't have to work for a year.  Longer if papa penguin gets some nice pay rises !

It still has not sunk in that I will no longer do that thrice weekly trip on south west trains to waterloo then the waterloo and city line train to my office.  Working in the city of london has been an amazing part of my life.  Shopping during my lunch breaks, Pret a Manger, EAT, Pod to name a few places and drinks after work. I have met some amazing people and I really hope we keep in contact.

Now with baby number 2 on its way I've chosen a new career of being a stay at home mum / housewife.  I know its going to be challenging and I think some days I will probably want to pull my hair out but I know its going to be rewarding and easier.

For example this morning after getting out the shower I heard toddler penguin cry and found him sitting next to a puddle of sick.  Now normally I would keep him home from the minders but papa penguin was off in Glasgow and it being my last day the minder offered to have him for a duvet day. I now no longer will be torn between going to work and caring for my son.  Obviously my son takes priorty but there is always that underlying guilt you have when you leave your child for the day....sick or not sick.

Toddler penguin will still attend the childminders until Christmas.  I think it will be good for him when baby is born for him to continue in his routine and it will give me a chance to bond with the baby.

I am determined to not become a slummy mummy. I'm going to plan activities for every day so we don't go mad, even if its a trip to the park in the morning. I'm going to keep on top of housework - especially before baby comes - but not let things get to me if it doesn't all go to plan !

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