Thursday, 20 September 2012

Reasons 2b Cheerful

Reasons 2b Cheerful this week begins with Q

Quitting is a big change to my week this week.  Not so much in that I quit my job but in July I was put up for redundancy and I took voluntary but agreed to stay on till my original planned maternity leave date. Yesterday marked my last day of 9 years with the company and now I am looking forward to becoming a stay at home mum/housewife for a couple of years.  It still hasn't sunk in that I've finished, maybe because I worked part time 3 days a week for the last 1.5 years.  But yeay no more commuting into the city of london, no more waking toddler penguin up so I can get to the childminders on time and still make my train and no more pigging out at my desk because I'd rather eat that do work !

Quilts - Sunday marked my first duvet day (well morning) with my 2.5 year old son.  He thought it was great getting up and sitting on the sofa watching tele.  Usually he's up and playing, might watch the odd peppa pig episode and have a glass of milk but Sunday with papa penguin having a lie in I put Finding Nemo on and I had a cup of tea and toddler penguin had a beaker of walk milk and we slobbed on the sofa !  


  1. Finding Nemo is fab! We like the odd duvet day and my fav movie is Despicable Me :)
    The feeling of leaving work for time off is great. Enjoy it... it goes quickly! X

  2. Popping over from R2BC. Enjoy your time as SAHM - I was also made redundant from my last job. Duvet days are fab!

  3. I live for duvet days! Especially lately when they have been few & far between. Great reasons to be cheerful x