Thursday, 27 September 2012

Reasons 2b Cheerful

Reasons 2b Cheerful this week begins with R

Redundancy - although I shared this news last week I'm still really cheerful about it especially as today I got my redudancy money through and wow its definitely something to be cheerful about! Decided to buy lots of premium bonds for toddler penguin and new baby when he/she makes an appearance in approximately 3weeks time.  Also going to match the government grant that toddler penguin got so I can start a mini savings account for new baby. Must be careful how I spend the rest of the money but I need to work out how much I need to live off a month.  Our car passed its MOT but a minor service showed that in the next few months a lot could possibly go wrong.  We have a BMW estate that is 10 years old and rather expensive monthly.  So I think we'll buy a newer car out my money that although will be a shame on the initial cost it will be a saving each month.

Rain - can one be cheerful about rain !  Sure thing - because they mean muddy puddles which my son loves loves loves.  We went out in the rain on Sunday, him in his waterproofs, me with a raincoat on and my belly exposed and headed to the river the other side of the road and jumped in Muddy Puddles.  Yes it was bitterly cold but he was so excited and we had been cooped up indoors all weekend - its just a bit of water !  Don't forget that add sunshine to the mixture and you get a lovely rainbow !  I have an ornament that we just dug out of storage that when the sun shines on it creates a rainbow pattern on the ceiling.  Its amazing to look at !

Recipes - this week I made good use of my Good Food Magazines and tonight will be the 3rd recipe I'll be trying out.  I love trying new recipes. I tend to follow them quite accurately the first time and then make changes for the next time.  Papa penguin was very amused to find that Monday and Tuesday he had two vegetarian meals as is a big meat lover but he actually loved them both and found them very tasty.   Its amazing how many recipes there are out there - especially with the internet.  You can always find something that takes your fancy!

I look forward to reading everyone elses x


  1. A good redundancy packages is a certainly a reason to be cheerful :0) Cute rain suit, I love the colours.

  2. Love the rain suit! Really need to get my little munchkin one as he loves the puddles :) x

    1. It was my best buy of the summer when we went to the Lake District in July ! I definitely recommend getting one!

  3. Awwwww my two boys lived in rain suits just like that when they were little! They are brilliant arent they! Fab reasons x

  4. The good food magazine is great! Your Korma looks fab :) x

  5. Glad you got a good package and a newer car sounds a great idea (mine is a 15 yo saxo!)
    Jumping in puddles is such good fun

  6. great reaosns to be cheerful I love muddy uddles but have not been out to enjoy them this week... must ectify and don the wellies!

  7. Redundancy was the best thing ever for me too. Without it I old never have refocused. God luck, I am sure you will make the most of this opportunity :)

  8. Aww how cute does your son's look in the waterproofs! Glad you enjoyed the rain. Have fun trying our your new recipes, the Korma looks yummy! x

  9. GOOD REASONS - personally I hate the rain but I guess I just need to look at it differently eh?! Found u through the blog hop x