Friday, 21 September 2012

Tester Pot Overdose

We are currently in the process of decorating our hallway.  We've removed an unwanted radiator (which we left outside our house to find it gone the next day!) and we've bought the laminate floor for the downstairs area and today I ordered the carpet for the stairs and the upper hallway.

As I'm now not working and have 4 weeks till baby is due, 2 of which toddler penguin will be at the minders 3 days a week I've decided that Monday I going to sand down all the woodwork, Tuesday paint it and Wednesday paint the walls. We are going for white above the dado rail and a shade of blue below.....but we just can't decide what shade to go for.  

We bought about 6 tester pots of blue and painted an area and now we've decided we want something a bit darker.  A couple of weeks ago I ordered some gorgeous prints from Caroline Rose Art and we love them so much we are going to put them in the hallway and try to colour match them.  

Papa penguin wants the one on the far left of the 3rd one.  I want the 5th one but I guess am happy to go with the 1st one.  The 3rd one is way too dark and we only really get sun in the hallway for a few hours in the afternoon so it can be quite dark.

Opinions welcomed !

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