Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Why why why?

I have been tagged by Mama Owl (originally started by Mummy Central) to share my whys.

Luckily my 2.5 year old isn't at that stage where he asks "why this" and why that".  I'm dreading those days because I remember I asking "why why why" to my dad.  Its one of those words that you can just keep going on and on with.

Here are my whys....

Why does my bladder wake me up 15 minutes before my alarm goes off?

Why do I get the urge to do cleaning at 10pm at night when I really should be getting to bed?

Why do I pig out on chocolate when I know it doesn't agree with me?

Why does that garden spider by the fence keep coming back?

Why does my ironing pile never disappear?

Why do you insist on buckling yourself into the car seat when its designed for use by adults only?

Why do I have to wake you during the week yet at weekends you wake up at 630am ?

Why do I put you in clean pj's every night yet I have gone for a week without changing mine ?

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