Tuesday, 25 September 2012


For my 30th my lovely antenatal friends treated me to a Vera Wang compact mirror which as gorgeous as it is and I can't stop looking at myself in it.....it has one of those close up mirrors in.  No imperfections can hide anymore.....so it seems I have a few more wrinkles around the eyes than I remember!

This evening I was having a clear out of the bathroom cupboard and I found an unopened box of Biotherm Eye Cream to use at the first signs of wrinkles.  This is a fab find for me as pre kids I only used biotherm then decided that althought nothing beats their Source Therapie I can get moisturiser from anywhere and spend less than £5..... Not that I enjoy it. I do miss spending money on lavish products but my money these days it better spent else where. So to find an unopened box of expensive eye cream was like finding gold at the end of a rainbow! 

However just how good are eye creams? Do they really work?

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