Saturday, 6 October 2012

Could today be the day?

We're off to a wedding later on today. Quite looking forward to it as with less than 2 weeks till baby is due, I don't think I'll be going out for a while! I'm looking forward to mingling with people and having some yummy food and watching two people who've been together for a while say their vows in front of everyone. I'm also looking forward to doing a bit of dancing to cheesy wedding music however with the sciatica pain I've got in my right butt cheek I'm not looking forward to the pain.  Last night was the worst it's ever been and I could barely walk around the house.

My mummy friend went into labour two weeks before her due date after she had spent a day at a wedding so who knows.....with the standing around and dancing - gravity may just do its thing! Luckily we are only an hour from home so if anything does happen we won't be going to the nearest hospital.....though maybe I should google it just I case.....they do say second babies come a lot quicker!

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