Sunday, 14 October 2012

My weekend of baking

This weekend we had the inlaws visiting.  FIL (father in law) was helping papa penguin to lay laminate in the hallway. It was quite a team effort with even toddler penguin helping out. MIL (mother in law) had a good bash at clearing weeds from the garden and cutting back bushes so toddler penguin has a free reign of the garden path with his scooter.  I can not thank them enough so I showed my appreciation in the form of baked goods.

I bought the autumn/winter 2012 Cupcake Heaven magazine the other day and have fallen in love with every recipe. I made Lavender and Honey cupcakes on Saturday and Earl Grey cupcakes on Sunday.  Both went down a treat with the majority except for papa penguin who demands I make a chocolate with chocolate cupcake! The magazine is more like a book, especially priced at £4.99 but its definitely one to keep and refer back to.  I have found some of the recipes are available online - I guess thats the wonders of the web these days.

I've got waitrose's lavender sugar in the cupboard which I used for the Lavender and Honey cupcakes and the hint of honey was ever so light.  I didn't tell MIL, FIL and papa penguin what was in these purple cupcakes, made them guess and they didn't have a clue.

The Earl Grey cupcakes had a very subtle earl grey flavour and I have some Sunshine Grey tea bags as well that I would try this recipe out with.  Plus they are low fat for those watching their waistline which I sure will over the next few months.

I will definitely be baking these again !
Lavender and Honey Cupcakes & Earl Grey Cupcakes


  1. Gosh they look and sound lovely! I wish I could bake but eh, I'm useless. I need baking classes or something lol. x

  2. They were super yummy! I'm sending you a virtual one! The earl grey ones were super easy to do x