Thursday, 4 October 2012

Reasons 2b Cheerful

Reasons 2b Cheerful this week begins with S

Sofas and showers - two of the best things in our house !  There is nothing like having a sofa day - well actually these days they are sofa mornings as I feel guilty if I spend too long lounging around! Also I can't start the day without a shower.  I love just standing under the hot powerful water with my eyes shut and I love all my different shower gels !  This morning was not fun as hubbie decided to open the window after his shower which meant it was very chilly.  I think I'm going to have to start putting the heating on in the mornings to warm up our towels.

Saturday's and Sunday's - you have to love weekends.  Papa penguin is home from work.  One day of a lay in for me. Family lunches and dinners.  Visits to the parents and generally a chill out time.  This weekend we are off to a wedding.  And next weekend papa penguin is putting new flooring down in the hallway.  Then baby is due and I'm pretty sure all our weekends will become busy with people visiting.  Before we know it will be Christmas !

Schedules - I've been scouring the internet for playgroups that I can start attending from November once I've settled into a routine with the new baby.  Now I've given up work I need to get stuff in the diary to keep us busy every day.  Not necessarily every day but definitely mornings.  I like to get out and about in the mornings and be at home in the afternoons. I love schedules !  Just been updating my home routines app to work housework around childcare !

On another note - 2 weeks till my due date !  I'm off to London today to visit a friend for lunch and St Paul's and think I might pop into my old office for a quick hello.  Lets just hope I can make it - one thing I am NOT cheerful for is the sciatica that I'm experiencing in my right butt cheek. However I've done really well as generally had a good pregnancy and only got this pain 2 weeks ago!


  1. I see why you are the organised penguin :) I totally agree with you on the shower and sofa!

  2. Great S reasons - I am with you on the heating for the towels, makes the morning just a bit lovelier. :)

    1. I love warm towels! I tumble mine for 15 mins before putting them away and in the winter sometimes I like just sitting under them on the sofa befor eI fold them !

  3. I love weekends :) and even more so now that autumn is upon us. Know what you mean with towels, nothing beats coming out the shower to a nice hot fluffy towel. Have a great weekend x

  4. I cant wait for the weekend I too love the family times xxx two weeks to go wow.....enjoy you trip to london and have a fab weekend xxx

  5. I totally love the weekend too and the sofa and shower. Lush's sweetie pie is my fav and snow fairy is back this weekend *woop* :)

  6. Great reasons, I too love standing under the shower and just enjoying the peace haha x