Thursday, 11 October 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons 2b Cheerful this week begins with T

Time - now I have given up work (well made redundant but it has worked out well) and toddler penguin is at the minders two days a week till Christmas I feel like I have a lot of time on my hands and I'm actually really grateful for it.  Before we know it baby will be here (1 week till my due date!) and we will be dealing with family visits, night feeds and trying involve toddler penguin as much as possible.  I can't wait for baby to come but I'm glad I've had sometime to get ready. This week I've been doing a bit of sewing and made toddler penguin a duvet cover which is currently in the wash.  Today I'm putting blackout curtains in our bedroom and doing a bit more painting in the hallway.

Televisiontoddler penguin has had a horrible cold this week and television has been a saviour. He's been getting crabby playing and not sleeping well.  Also the sciatica I'm suffering in my butt cheek means I'm quite grateful to sit and rest for a bit a couple of times a day. I'd love to get a good collection of disney films so bought Bugs Life and Robin Hood this week.  As baby and I get used to breastfeeding I think having a bit of TV time with Isaac will definitely help. Everything in moderation though!

Tidiness - I've been getting on top of all the household chores and finally feel like everywhere is spotless (apart from the hallway).  Baby will be here soon and I'll have no time to hoover, let alone clean windows, skirting boards or on top of wardrobes. Thankfully I've had lots of time to get the house ready !

Tissues - Also another saviour this week with 
toddler penguin's dripping nose.  Snot just seems to pour out of it all the time and he hates it.  He is constantly screaming TISSUE at me. I won't complain - I hate seeing kids with snotty faces ! I also love the new slimline Kleenex boxes !


  1. wow not long now xxx enjoy this last week of your pregnancy xxx

  2. I hope Isaac is feeling better now. How exciting, it's nearly time! :) x

  3. eeee not long to go!! Hopefully bubs wont keep you waiting too long to arrive :)
    We are big Disney fans too, great movies x

  4. Make the most of it! Can't beat Disney :-) get well soon Isaac

  5. Disney films are fab! Glad you're all tidied and clean before baby arrives x