Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Recipe Review - Chicken Parmigiana

Yesterday we had Chicken Parmigiana - a Good Food recipe for dinner.  This was just papa penguin and myself but I think toddler penguin would've like it too.  We've had this before but not for about a year. 

I didn't slice the chicken breasts in half however I got rid of some frustration by placing a sheet of cling film over the top and then bashing them flatter with a rolling pin. I also used a whole ball of buffala mozzarella (me friendly as opposed to normal cow's mozzarella) instead of 1/2 a ball. I also left it in the oven for about 15 minutes as Isaac took forever to get to bed !

At the weeekend we had roast at my mums so had some tatties left over which I heated in the oven along with the chicken.

We did thoroughly enjoy it but probably not something we would have all the time, maybe just a few times a year.

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