Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekly Meal Plan - October 22nd

I can't believe I've managed to get round to meal planning.  It took me a few attempts logging into the sainsburys website and checking the cupboards but I finally did it.  Due to the unexpected early arrival of baby penguin and having my mum to stay last weeks meal plan went to pot and luckily not wasted as I had put all the meat in the freezer.

Decided we need an easy week whilst we get to grips having a 2.5yr old and a 6 day old baby who is actually an angel and has allowed us to eat as a family by staying asleep!

Monday - Pitta Pizzas (pitta bread is cheaper to buy than pizza bases and still super yummy)
Tuesday - Chicken Korma
Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes with Beans and Cheese
Thursday - Salmon Risotto
Saturday - Casserole and potatoes
Sunday - Spag Bol


  1. We are having naan bread pizzas on thursday! I use the garlic and coriander ones as it adds a bit of extra flavour! x

  2. What toppings do you put on it? Sounds great! X

  3. Sometimes i use the ready cooked chicken tikka, with slices of red onion, you dont have to add cheese with those-just drizle with olive oil (although i always add cheese for ross!). This time im using pepperoni and mozzarella, plus sliced red pepper on my naan! x