Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bye bye dummy

Toddler penguin is 2.5 years old and has had a dummy since he was 3 days old when my nipples couldn't bear it anymore.  Recently after misbehaving and we have put him in the naughty corner we've taken the dummy off him at the same time and the whole two minutes he is sitting there he ends up screaming for the dummy and forgetting the reason why he was put in the corner in the first place so I decided it had to go.  Also he is starting to talk with a bit of a lisp - not sure if its dummy related but I want it gone as he relies on it too much.

He also loves his muslins or mussies as we call them.

So Thursday night on the way home from the childminders I told him a story about a dummy fairy who was waiting at home for us and wanted him to collect all his dummies and put them in a pot and in return he would get a present.  As soon as we walked through the door he was practically throwing dummies at me asking for present!  We collected all the dummies, I snuck around the corner and whilst pretending to chat to the dummy fairy. I returned with a small christmas present (Chuggingtons Action Chugger die cast toy) which he was over the moon with. He played with it all evening but come bath time he wanted his dummy.  I explained again that the dummy fairy took them away and proceeded upstairs to run the bath.  I put two sweets on the side of the bath and told him that the dummy fairy had left him a little treat for being so good.  Bath time was not a problem, though he did take a mussie in with him which obviously got all wet! Bed time was a breeze only asking once for his dummy then when I said good night he asked for it again and started to cry.  I told him that I didn't want him to cry as it made mummy sad and every night since he has said "I not crying, it makes mummy sad.  I happy."  Bless! Well he went to sleep with 3 mussies, George pig and Teddy.  He did wake up at 5am and came into bed with us and in the morning asked for it but I reminded him that the dummy fairy took it and he got Action Chugger toy and that maybe the dummy fairy had left him another present as a well done for sleeping through the night.  Turns out he'd been left a Noddy car and Noddy figurine.  Hours of fun with his two new toys and the dummy completely forgotten.

He has asked for it a few times and I've reminded him about the dummy fairy and he continues the story telling me what toys and sweets he got and we've not had a single tantrum.

I'm so proud of my little by, I really didn't think it would be this easy!  Fingers crossed it lasts!

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  1. Aah, bless him. I wish I was there to give him a big Grandma cuddle.