Thursday, 15 November 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm a bit obsessed with organisation (clue in the blog title) so this week I've been trying to get baby penguin into a routine. She is only 4 weeks so I know not to have any huge expectations but I just feel we need to be a bit more organised. We are following baby whisperers EASY routine. I used the EASY routine with 
toddler penguin and it really worked for us.  At the moment we seem to be feeding a quite a bit, I'm not sure if its a growth spurt or if she is just sucking for comfort but we are working our way towards 3 hourly and it really helps me understand what she wants when she cries. Being in a routine just makes me feel a little bit more in control of things!

One of my closest friends is back from Singapore for a couple of weeks and her and her hubbie came to stay. Since I've had kids our lives are completely different but she has made me realise that although I miss the city life, shopping, massages, cocktails after work etc....I'm loving being a mum so much more. Yes it is hard work but its so rewarding and so much more challenging that my previous life....I wouldn't change it at all!

I am loving my iPad right now especially during the night feeds....I'm getting all my Christmas shopping research done between the hours of 1am and 3am whilst baby penguin is feeding!

Looking forward to reading everyone elses reasons x


  1. I'm pleased you got to spend some time with your friend, great reasons to be cheerful x

  2. really lovely reasons , have a great weekend xx

  3. I was always a stickler for getting my babies into a routine - it really does help you feel more in control doesn't it? How brilliant that you're using the time so well at 1am to get your Xmas organising done!