Thursday, 22 November 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I could say this every week but I'm so happy to have two gorgeous children that are healthy and perfect.

I have had to remind myself of that every day this week as I have had a few rough nights with toddler penguin (aged 2.5) and baby penguin (5 weeks). 

Toddler penguin had been dragging out his bedtime asking for more and more cuddles then crying when we left his room.  Two nights ago I told him that I don't like it when he cries as it makes mummy sad.  Last night when I said goodnight to him he said "no crying, it makes mummy sad".  We said our goodnights and we didn't hear a peep all evening.  Sometimes he seems so grown up, I can't believe he remembered what I had said the previous night.

Baby penguin also isn't sleeping well at night, poor bubba is really suffering from trapped wind and I think may be a tad constipated.  Makes me so happy that I can breastfeed as it provides such a comfort to her when nothing else works! With both babies I found breastfeeding really painful at first.  I'd had my latch checked and still the pain in my nipples was just excrutiating. I used nipple shields for 7 months with toddler penguin, I couldn't have breastfed without them.  I lasted 7 days of the same pain with baby penguin and at the point of giving up I dug out the shields and 5 weeks on I'm still breastfeeding albeit with the shields.  They are a faff to use but I don't think I'd have continued otherwise.  We've had a few goes with them off but she has obviously got used the teats and won't latch on without them. Nipple shields have save my sanity!

Finally I've put all my maternity clothes away as I'm nearly in pre-pregnancy clothes and have unpacked a box of normal tops from the loft (I don't bother with breastfeeding tops but wear a strappy top under all my normal tops and do one down and one up). This has resulted in a empty cardboard box lying around until the weekend when papa penguin puts it in the garage.....oh what fun a box is....

You may or may not have noticed but I've done a little re-design of my blog.  Actually little is an understatement - its taken me about a week!  I used to do a bit of web and graphic design in my old job so I've got the skills....but they are rather rusty!  Hope you like it and please let me know your thoughts x


  1. Great reasons. I was lucky with breastfeeding, but have heard so many good things about nipple shields. Well done on continuing through the pain, I would probably have given up!
    Love the blog, the background is lovely and bright, but my favourite thing is the header, it's so cute.
    Have a fab weekend x

  2. Remember the box when it comes to Christmas spending lol.
    Well done on breastfeeding, admire anyone who manages it.
    Blog is really attractive. Mine is a mess so pop over and sort it out for me lol.
    Great reasons

  3. From the angle you've taken the photo, the box looks as tall as Isaac!!

  4. Love the new look of ur blog, I remember the nipple shields well lol, they really do help, have a lovely weekend xx

  5. I had to give up feeding little A because of the pain, I wish I'd heard of the shields!! And congrats on the per baby clothes! Wow! I never got back to any of mine haha x

  6. You are brilliant to persevere with the breast feeding. And Yay for pre-pregnancy clothes.