Friday, 30 November 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm a bit late with the reasons to be cheerful this week and I can't believe it is Friday already.  I'm not really sure what I've done this week that has made it gone so quick!

We got rid of toddler penguin's dummy last Thursday night via the dummy fairy and I can't believe how easy it has been.  I'm wondering if potty training will be the same!  He is a bit more attached to his mussies but who cares - we're dummy free ! ! !

I'm pretty much on top of my Christmas presents already.  Got a few items in online shopping baskets and I'm waiting for voucher codes before I checkout but apart from that I'm ready to wrap them and put them under the tree which we are buying this weekend.  

I had baby penguin weighed this week.  She was 7lbs 2oz when born, 6 weeks later she is 9lbs 11oz.  She is following the centile lines perfectly and I'm so happy as you can never tell how much milk they are having when exclusively breastfeeding. We are gradually getting out the newborn outfits and into the 0-3 months.  Its sad as I'm going to miss the newborn stage but also exciting to be wearing new clothes.  We've been very lucky to be given lots of lovely clothes from family and friends all in fantastic condition which means I've been spending the money I'd have saved buying girlie baby clothes on sales for 12months plus! I just hope I can find them next year !

Looking forward to reading everyone elses reasons x

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  1. Great reasons, your little girl sounds like she is thriving as well. I missed those tiny clothes as well! And congratulations about the dummy as well, my 2 never too to them so not something we had to go through, but sounds like you have done it well - love the idea of the dummy fairy x