Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Crafting

Took a lot of planning but together with my mummy friend, whilst our kids were having their afternoon naps, over two days we got the sewing machine out and took inspiration from the Stuff by Ash blogger and made our babies a ribbon christmas tree baby grow.

We decided not to go with the ruffled ribbon look as suggested by the blog we follwed and instead layeredd lots of ribbons on top of each other then stitched them firmly in place onto some white material.  Using pinking shears we cut out a big triangle and cut a piece of brown felt for the tree trunk.  Bond-a-web was used to stick the tree to the baby grow and then topped it off with a handmade bow and a button I found in my sewing box.

Watch this space of a piccie of baby penguin modelling it on Christmas day.

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