Thursday, 6 December 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

This week has gone surprisingly fast and boy am I glad as papa penguin has been away in Frankfurt since Monday morning. I've missed him so much that its made me realise how amazing he is when he is here.  I've coped really well and have managed to keep on top of housework (with the help of his aunt and uncle who helped with bath time on Monday and dinner time last night) but I am just absolutely shattered! Thankfully although baby penguin has struggled with naps, toddler penguin has been an angel and really well behaved.  Roll on tonight when he gets home!

Sadly we lost a part of our family over the weekend - good old Henry the hoover.  His suction hadn't been great recently and the nozzle had spilt but he finally sucked his last piece of dust after 10 years  of following me around the house Sunday evening. Thank goodness for internet shopping, next day delivery and online reviews I've ordered a new Bosch vacuum and am loving it.  I don't think I would have managed to hoover this week with hubby away but having a new gagdet in the house was like a new toy for me and even my 2.5year old was excited and he spent a good hour playing with it and helping me set it up!

Less than three weeks till Christmas and we've had some wasn't much but enough to get toddler penguin out of bed in a rush.  We bought a real tree at the weekend for our front lounge with "grown up" decorations and am looking forward to putting the fake tree in the playroom this weekend.  I visited Ripley village on Tuesday and treated myself to a few decorations for the grown up tree but have yet got round to putting them on.  Next week I'll upload a picture of the other tree as well as an updated picture of this tree.

Happy Thursday everyone x


  1. glad you had some son wants it to snow Christmas day lol..the real tree looks lovely.
    yay to hubby coming home, hope you all have a great weekend xx

  2. Great reasons to be cheerful. I love new gadgets however tedious the job they do. It makes it a little more enjoyable somehow.
    Hope you have a fabulous evening with your man too! Its tough coping with everything while they are away.
    Thanks for linking up as I have another fabulous blog to read :o) xx

  3. Wow Henry lasted well!! And yay to hubby being home, mine went away in the summer, and I hated it!! x

  4. Isn't it tough when the other half goes away for a few days? At least it helps us to appreciate them and I'm all in agreement that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' - happy reuniting tonight! And a new hoover? Now that is exciting!

  5. gosh your hoover did well. ours tend to last around a year at the moment!and i don't know what we used to do before internet either - we have had to several times get a new washing machine at very short notice! look forward to seeing more tree piccys. x