Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I can't believe that its nearly Christmas.  We've not got both our trees up.  There is one in the playroom that has all my "tacky" decorations on.  I love penguins so you'll find a theme here.  This is an artificial tree that we bought last year as we loved that it was tall and thin and didn't take up much space. 

I've always wanted a tree that people can see when they drive past so we just had to have a tree in the front lounge.  Its a real tree and as I mentioned last week we don't have many decorations for it.  I've bought a few but looking forward to the Christmas sales and collection decorations every year.  I bought some baubles from a few shops in the lovely village of Ripley and a few from good old homebase.

Last weekend daddy penguin took toddler penguin out for a few hours and whilst aby penguin was sleeping I made her a stocking and I plan to personalise it at some point.  I have put hers (second from the left) on our fireplace with the others and can't wait to see them all filled - though Santa will have to leave these on the floor as I'm not sure they sellotape they are stuck on with will hold the weight!

We visited Santa at his Grotto at Chessington Garden Centre and it was amazing!  They had an Alice in Wonderland theme and it was truly spectacular.  So much attention to detail had gone into it and I lost count of the number of trees there were.  Toddler penguin was in awe of the whole thing though not as excited as we were...he just wanted to see Santa...but he enjoyed chatting to the elves and baby penguin slept the whole time!

Baby penguin had her 8 week check up (me too) and all is going well.  We even had been getting some lovely smiles from her...until we get the camera out then she goes all grumpy!  Really doesn't like her photo being taken but she was an angel during her check up and only cried a little when she had her jabs unlike toddler penguin who screamed before, during and after!

12 days to go !


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have 2 trees - very jealous :)
    Great reasons to be cheerful
    Thanks for linking up

  2. oooh your photos look oh so Christmassy! Love the idea of two trees. It is so nice to have one for people to see through the window - I love going by peoples houses and seeing it looking all cosy in the winter with a lovely tree - great idea x

  3. really lovely photos, glad Isaac had a brilliant time visiting Santa, the Alice in Wonderland theme sounds amazing xx

  4. Lovely reasons, I'm glad your boy enjoyed meeting santa! I also have 2 trees! so excited haha x