Thursday, 20 December 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

As I write this toddler penguin aged two and a half is at his last day with his childminder who I've been sending him to since he was 9 months old.  It was hard sending him there on my first day back to work but within a week I could see how much he enjoyed going.  He has been going three days a week since my return to work then when I was made redundant in September closely followed by my maternity leave he continued to go but just two days a week.  Had I not received a nice redundancy payout I probably would have had him finish there sooner but its been nice to let him to continue with his new routine when baby penguin came along and also for me to enjoy time alone getting to know and bond with my new baby.

Sadly we're not made of money and from tomorrow I will officially be a full time mummy to two gorgeous bubbas.  Part of me is excited about getting out there and trying new groups but part of me is scared as I know its not going to always be easy.  However why complain?  I am so lucky to have two healthy children and in light of whats been going on in the news I'm just so happy that they are safe. Lets also hope that tomorrow is not the end of the world as some people might think!

So 5 sleeps until Christmas....I'm soooo excited.  Mainly for toddler penguin as this is his first Christmas that he really understands whats going on.  We are having a mini fake Christmas with my mum this weekend then Christmas day we are seeing the inlaws and I'm cooking a yummy xmas meal.

Merry Christmas everyone......jingle bells...jingle bells....ho ho ho ! x


  1. I was a full time mummy right up until they went to school, it was hard work at times but so rewarding - I hope it goes well :) x

  2. I'm sure you will be a natural! I think we are all appreciating what we have a little more this week, hope you all have a very merry Christmas x