Monday, 30 December 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - December 30th

Monday - Happy Anniversary to mama and papa penguin!  Well a day early!  We are off out for dinner!

Tuesday - Spaghetti Bolognase
Wednesday - Green Thai Chicken Curry
Thursday - uh-oh papa penguin has to work late so I'll dig something out of the freezer
Friday - Salmon Risotto
Saturday - Homemade pizzas
Sunday - Off to a birthday party for cake so we will most likely eat out for lunch and dinner! 

Meal Planning Monday

Monday, 16 December 2013

How secure are your passwords?

My husband (albeit he is Head of IT in his company) recently tried to hack into my email account to prove a point....that my passwords were not secure.  He did it within 5 tries.

I will share it.  My password was Wimbledon39 because we used to live in Wimbledon in a flat that was number 39.  It was a password that I had told him about years ago and I've used it ever since.  It's been a password that I use for everything and I've never changed it!  Not good he tells me!

He directed me onto a password checker website which showed the above dialogue box whereby you can see how strong your passwords are and how long they take to crack. The password above is able to be cracked within a day.  

I have been researching better passwords....I could replace Wimbledon39 with W1mbl3d0n.39 

or even better would be W1m8Ld0n.:39 What a difference a few characters make!

Another suggestion as it would be quite hard to remember the above is to think of your favourite song and do something like RRRyb.gdts39

Can you guess what song that was? Row row row your boat!

Now I'm off to change all my other website log ins!  Might take a while as I think up some good ones! 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

We got a cleaner!  She started at 8am on Tuesday and blitzed the bathrooms, kitchen and hallway.  It was so nice to just sit and play with the kids whilst she worked. I had to leave her unattended whilst I took toddler penguin to nursery but as she was highly recommend I felt I could trust her to not steal my crown jewels! 

I have given her a list of things I'd like done weekly and then a list of the rooms she can focus on each week so that I don't have to get every room in the house "ready" for her.  So far she is living up to her recommendations so lets see how things go.

We totally can not afford it but I decided to take her on mainly for my sanity.  I just feel like I neglect the kids to much if I have housework to do during the day and I neglect my husband if I have to do it in the night.  So come the new year we are going to sit down and look properly at house finances and see how we can fund this new extra cost!

We visited the in laws at the weekend and my sister in law took some fab pictures so I just have to share a few!

I am so excited that Christmas is nearly here. I've done all the xmas shopping, just waiting for a few deliveries then I can finish wrapping them.  We have our tree up in the playroom (its a fake one and I love it) but we want a real one in the front lounge.  However papa penguin just hasn't been around for us all to go tree shopping as a family.  Maybe this weekend we'll get it sorted! 

Finally at a christmas party with friends we had a visit from Santa.  Baby penguin just wasn't impressed!

Weekly Meal Plan - December 9th

Monday - 10 minute pad thai - we are off to get our tree so need something quick!
Tuesday - Chicken Korma and rice
Wednesday - Spaghetti Bolognase
Thursday - Chicken, bacon and potato stew (though I'm out this is mainly to put in freezer)
Friday - Jacket Potatoes with beans and cheese
Saturday - Homemade pizzas
Sunday - Roast lamb, roast potatoes and roasted veg

Meal Planning Monday

Monday, 2 December 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - December 2nd

Oh boy what a difficult week to meal plan for!

It must be nearly Christmas as papa penguin is out loads this week with work do's so I'm invading the freezer!

Last week I tried to freeze some Salmon Risotto but turned out I had no plastic containers free so I definitely need to raid the freezer this week!

Toddler penguin sadly was sick last week and has been off his food since. I'll be taking each day as it comes and see what he fancies!

Sorry if you came here to be inspired!  Not going to happen this week!  Why don't you raid your freezer too!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - November 25th

This is an interesting week as I'm out twice and papa penguin is out once!

Monday - Chicken Stir fry
Tuesday - Papa penguin is out I'll get something out of the freezer
Wednesday - Salmon Risotto
Thursday - he is out again so I'll have last nights left overs!
Friday - Party food
I'm joining my cousins this weekend for their daughters birthday and then on Sunday its the kids christmas party with my friends and their bubbas - a 5 year old, two 4 year olds, three 3 year olds, a 1 year old, a newborn and 2 bumps! I'll be away all weekend leaving papa penguin to defend for himself!

Kids dinners
Monday - Stir fried chicken teriyaki
Tuesday - Pasta with a tomato and hidden veg sauce
Wednesday - Turkey dinosaurs, Waffles and Brocilli
Thursday - Pasta shapes on Toasts
Friday - Party food

Meal Planning Monday

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Gallery - Nature

The picture I have chosen for this weeks theme Nature from Sticky Fingers was taken on a recent trip to the local park when we stopped to get something out of the buggy.  It just so happened that we stopped by this gorgeous shrub/plant/tree.  I thought the colours on it were amazing! I couldn't stop staring at the leaves.  Even toddler penguin said it was beautiful!

We took home two leaves of each colour but sadly the didn't last long and shrivelled up by the time we got home.

I also wanted to share this photo taken on a cold but fresh autumn day at Polesden Lacey National Trust.  There were so many fallen leaves on the floor we had so much fun jumping and kicking and throwing them.  We ended up building a tower and putting toddler penguin in the middle.  He thought it was hilarious!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Which school? Choices choices!

We moved into our house in January 2012 when toddler penguin was nearly 2 years old.  We chose this house because it was close to a very good cute little school in our local village.

Nearly 2 years later we are in the process of applying for a school and turns out this perfect little school is just an infant school and only goes up to the ages of 7 years old.  The feeder school that the majority of their students go to doesn't have a great reputation at the moment.  Even though baby penguin and toddler penguin will be at the same infant school at the same time, I'd like them to both go to the same school, you know for the photos on the wall ;) Baby penguin will start infant school when toddler penguin starts junior school in 2017....scary!

I have always had it in my head that the school run would be done on foot.  Since I hate never being able to find a parking space and if I have to park miles away and walk I'd have to get the buggy in and out the car.  The schools in our area do not have catchment areas but are generally done with special needs or looked after children first, then siblings then they go by distance.

Below is a sketch of our house and the location of our nearest schools. The purple dot is the junior school that schools 1 and 2 feed to.  School 3 is a combined infant and junior school.

So here are the facts. 
1. I do not live in Iceland as per the is purely an example!

2. School 1 is a 15 minute walk.  There is no parking at this school. On the walk home there is a library and some ducks we can go and feed.  This school is for ages 4-7. We would then have to apply for a place where the purple dot it. I'm not at all happy with this school at present though it has recently been taken over. School 1 we viewed two years ago when we were looking at their nursery.  I can't remember loads about it but I remember thinking it was a really good school.  It does have an outstanding ofsted report and I know a few mums whose kids go there and they are really happy.  They do however organise their classes with a mixed age so that children at the same ‘level of learning’ (as opposed to their actual age) are taught appropriately.  There is a risk that baby penguin would not get in at this school as they won't both be there at the time of her entrance to the school.  Toddler penguin will have moved on. Also silly bad point is that they have a red uniform.  We have red hair and I hated my red uniform at school!

3. School 2 is a 7 minute drive or a 30 minute walk.  This school is also for ages 4-7. And as above we would then have to apply for a place at the purple dot. There is a lovely park halfway home.  We could walk or drive there.  School 2 is under going refurbishment with what looks like will be a great new hall.  It is also of outstanding ofsted. The outdoor play area for the first few years of learning is huge and I know toddler penguin would love this.  However would he ever want to go indoors and do practical learning.  I know the first few years children are encouraged to learn through play but in my opinion they should get used to getting their nose stuck in the books! ;)  They also have a swimming pool!

4.  School 3 is an oversubscribed (in fact they all are) infant and junior school (ages 4-11).  It is a 35 minute walk or a 10 minute drive.   I walked out of this school tour feeling warm and fuzzy.  It just felt right. The others I thought were great schools.  They have the paperwork to prove it, yet this school with just a good ofsted report just felt right to me.  On the plus side both kids wouldn't have to change when they turn 8.  On the down side its a very long walk and I would feel like driving every day.  Especially there in the morning.  In the summer we could walk home but there are no parks to visit on the way.  Though as mentioned above I could easily drive us to the one near school 2.

I mentioned above that I wasn't happy with the feeder junior school that the kids would go to when they turn 8.  My husband and I have come up with an alternative solution for this.  We go private.  There is a lovely co-ed private school near us which if I were to take on more work (I'm a childminder) I could pay the fees.  However there would be an overlap of them both going there and we would have to pay double fees for a year.  It could be done.....if I worked full time and papa penguin did a bit of overtime here and there and got a nice bonus!

I can't believe how difficult this decision is. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - November 18th

This is an interesting week as I'm out twice and papa penguin is out once!

Monday - I'm out for some Ping Pong Dim Sum and papa penguin is having a meat feast pizza
Tuesday - Papa penguin is out so I'm going to have some simple pasta and pesto
Wednesday - Coconut Chicken Curry with Okra - I must do a blog post on this as its yum!
Thursday - Mexican Chicken Stew
Friday - I'm out again no plans yet where we will go. Papa penguin is going to raid the freezer!
Saturday - Spaghetti Bolognese
Sunday - Slow cooked Lamb with onions and thyme

Kids dinners
Monday - Stir fried chicken teriyaki
Tuesday - Pasta with a tomato and hidden veg sauce
Wednesday - Fish fingers, Waffles and Brocilli
Thursday - Pasta shapes on Toasts
Friday - Sausages, Hash browns and peas

Meal Planning Monday

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Wow its been 28 days since my last confession reasons to be cheerful!

Its not that I haven't had anything cheerful to write about its thats I've been stumped for words!

This week I have two poorly children :(  Baby penguin has had a cough for 3 weeks.  Originally the doctors said it was related to her MMR jabs, now its a chest infection with mild asthma.  The change in weather and the drop in temperature has hit toddler penguin hard and his asthma is back with a horrible dry cough.

So what have I got to be cheerful for?  My kids!  Apart from cranky evenings of tiredness, during the day they are still chipper and I'm getting lots of cuddles!

Baby penguin who will be 13 months in 2 days is finally sleeping through!  We had a full nights sleep on Monday, Tuesday was pretty rough as she was coughing all night and last night even poorly she still slept through.  We might be on to something here!  Its amazing how much better I feel if I've had a full nights sleep.  Last week she was still having two bottles, one at 1am and another a 530am.

Currently toddler penguin (3.5yrs) is at his pyjamas as they are raising money for Barnardo's.

I wasn't sure about sending him to nursery this morning with his horrible cough but when I mentioned he wouldn't be and he got really upset. He was super excited when I told him to take his pj's off and put pj's on! I bought them quite recently from mothercare and we love them!  He must have had a growth spurt recently as not many of his aged 3-4 yrs and obviously his 2-3 yrs pj's fit him.  These Elmo ones are aged 4-5 years so I really hope they last next winter as well.

At the moment baby penguin and I are supposed to be at a monkey music class but instead she is napping and I'm enjoying a cup of clipper white tea and some bourbon biscuits and enjoying the peace....before I get the hoover out!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Gallery - A younger me

This weeks theme from Sticky Fingers is A younger me.

I don't have many young pictures of me on my new mac book but I managed to find this one in one of my mums facebook albums!

I love this picture of me.  Its funny but I actually remember this pond.  I used to have nightmares about it.  I have a feeling it might be a swimming pool that was left to go mouldy...I'm sure my mum can clarify this for me!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - November 11th

Monday - Schnitzel, potatoes and parsnips (from the veg box)
Tuesday - fun beans on toast - papa penguin is at a conference
Wednesday - Bucatini amatriciana
Thursday - Red Thai Fish Curry
Friday - Freezer food for papa penguin - I'm off out for dinner with a friend!
Saturday - Banagers and Mash
Sunday - Steak Casserole and Pie Topper

Kids dinners
Monday - Egg, ham and pea rice
Tuesday - Pasta with a tomato and hidden veg sauce
Wednesday - Nuggets, Waffles and Brocilli
Thursday - Spagetti Hoops on Toasta
Friday - Thai Curry

Meal Planning Monday

Friday, 8 November 2013

What am I doing?

For those that are interested.....I'm still here.

I sit down at my macbook to write a blog post but realise I haven't checked my emails for a while, or I haven't been on Facebook yet today or maybe I'll just check the weather.

I have been a bit uninspired for blog posts recently. Out and about I think all the time I'll blog about that but when I sit down to write I'm stumped for words!

So time to make an effort!

What have I been doing?  Papa penguin works all the time and is never home!  I'm gradually adjusting to his new promotion and my new role as a full time housewife/stay at home mum/part time childminder.  I look after a 7 year old three afternoons a week at the moment.  Its the most hectic 3 afternoons of the week and keeping him and my two kids occupied is challenging but I think we are coping! Its been tough keeping up with the housework but with the help of my home routines app I've got myself into a great routine with all the washing and cleaning. However most evenings when the kids are finally in bed at 7pm and I've got dinner ready the last thing I've been wanting to do is go on the computer.  I can barely keep my eyes open!  

I've continued to meal plan but been really lame and publishing them.  My friend recently mentioned that she missed seeing what I was planning to eat for the week. I best get my butt in gear and get online each week just for her!

I have however done 80% of my Christmas shopping!  All the kids are sorted and I'm wrapping toddler penguin and baby penguins' presents up tomorrow so Grandma can take them home with her ready for when we wake up at her's Christmas morning (there are a lot and we need the car boot space for the travel cot, high chair etc!)

Now its time for bed!  I shall be back!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Gallery - Halloween

This weeks theme from Sticky Fingers is Halloween.

I'd like to thank the father in law for taking this picture and my husband for making the picture!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - October 28th

Monday - Salmon Risotto
Tuesday - Chilli con Carne from the freezer
Wednesday - Pasta with hidden tomato sauce
Thursday - Thai Green Fish Curry
Friday - Bangers and Mash
Saturday - Chicken Fajitas
Sunday - Sweet Potato and Chicken Hotpot

Kids dinners
Monday - Salmon Risotto
Tuesday - Nuggets, Waffles and Brocilli
Wednesday - Pasta with a tomato and hidden veg sauce
Thursday - Egg fried rice with peas
Friday - Bangers and Mash

Meal Planning Monday

Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - October 21st

Monday - Homemade pizza's with buffalo mozzarella and salami
Tuesday - Green Thai Chicken Curry and Rice
Wednesday - Schnitzel, veg box potatoes and veg
Thursday - Pasta with pesto
Friday - Jacket Potatoes with beans and cheese

Kids dinners
Monday - Homemade pizza's with buffalo mozzarella and ham
Tuesday - Pasta with a tomato and hidden veg sauce
Wednesday - Fish fingers, waffles and peas
Thursday - Sausages with homemade wedges
Friday - Spaghetti hoops on toast

I'm now childminding three days a week and have a seven year old to feed on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's.  I hope he likes my menu choice this week!

No papa penguin on Tuesday so my friend is coming for dinner - hope she likes the menu!

Meal Planning Monday

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

It was baby penguin's 1st birthday yesterday. I can't believe she is one already, where does the time go! Check out my post and her ladybird cake!

We are off to Chessington World of Adventures tomorrow to celebrate!

I had my mum to stay at the weekend! It was great having her here to help with baby penguins party and to help entertain the kids.  On Monday we went into town and stopped for a coffee.  It was very amusing trying to get a good pictures of grandma with her grandkids!

Haha sorry for all the pics but I'm lost for words this week!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Happy 1st birthday baby penguin!

Wow I can't believe my little girl is one today!  It seems like only yesterday that I was painting the hallway a week before my due date and pretty much ready to pop!

We had a little (rather big) gathering for her birthday on Sunday and as you can guess from the photos below it was ladybird themed.  I probably did go a bit over the top but the main thing is I enjoyed making everything.  

She was a very spoilt little girl and got lots of amazing presents.  She even got her first dolly, a baby annabel.  It seems weird that dolls and pink toys are now joining all the cars and dinosaurs in the playroom.  

We haven't got anything planned for today.  Toddler penguin will be a nursery so we'll go off to our usual playgroup and take the leftover cake and biscuits.  Papa penguin has been away this week so he is taking Friday off work.  We really want to go to Peppa Pig World (well I do) but it all depends on the weather.  We have Chessington passes so we may just go there! The main thing is we spend the day as a family!  

Happy 1st birthday little girl!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - October 14th

Over the weekend we had a little gathering for baby penguin's 1st birthday.  Thats a complete was a rather large gathering of over 30 people all squeezed into our mid terraced house!

Once I have found my camera I'll be uploading pictures of her ladybird themed party.  We had sausages in rolls, sandwiches, wedges, crisps and dips.  Then for the sweet side I did a big ladybird cake, ladybird biscuits, cupcakes topped with ladybirds and ladybird jelly! Can you see the theme?

Going back to the sausages I bought soooo many.  I think I went over the this weeks meal plan should be:

Monday: Sausages
Tuesday: Sausages
Wednesday: Sausages
Thursday: Sausages
Friday: Sausages
Saturday: Sausages
Sunday: Sausages

However having had sausages all day yesterday and having them again with mash and peas for dinner tonight I can't bear the thought of them for a while.  We have about 25 packs of sainsburys butchers choices sausages in the freezer which I think may still be there at christmas.

As always we spent quite a lot of money on baby penguin's party and as papa penguin has lots of late nights at work planned this week we are going to be living off items in the freezer and store cupboard.  I've had a rummage in the freezer and found lots of packs of meat so this is what I plan to rustle up this week with only a quick trip to the shops to top up our bread, fruit and milk.

Meal Planning MondayMonday: Bangers and Mash with peas - baby penguin and toddler penguin ate this too
Tuesday: Chicken Korma - using up a carton of alpro soya yoghurt and korma paste from the fridge
Wednesday: Spaghetti bolognase - all the ingredients are in the fridge or freezer - kids can eat this too
Thursday: Papa penguin is out so I'll eat with the kids.  Spaghetti hoops on toast is toddler penguins current fave so I think I'll have that as well.
Friday: Pork stir fry - will pick up a pack of stir fry veg from sainsburys and make the sauce.  Kids will have nuggets or pasta.
Saturday: We're out with friends for dinner
Sunday: I'm off to Thorpe Park so papa penguin will prob do him and the kids pasta.

Glad I've got our week sorted! What are you meal planning?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

I didn't write anything last week.  Its not that I wasn't cheerful for anything as I just have to look at my kiddies and husband to know that I am!  Its more that I wasn't inspired to write anything that would interest anyone!

So this week I'm cheerful because I am calm!  Calm?  Yes calm!  It is baby penguins 1st birthday next week and we are holding a little (well over 30 people) gathering on Sunday for her and I'm relatively calm about it!  Maybe its because my mum is coming to stay or that I have just finally got organised since my previous post and my new full time role as a housewife/mum and part time childminder.

I started work this week.  I pick up a 7 year old from school 3 times a week at 315pm.  We get home at about 330pm.  He has a snack at 4pm and is picked up by 5pm.  Its easy work and he is a lovely little boy. Its not bringing in many pennies but its the experience that counts!

I have been getting instagram happy the last few weeks.  Come and follow me!

I ventured out on Saturday night for a friends 30th surprise birthday party.  It was really great to have a night out, it had been a while!  I made the mistake of not eating before I got there so by 10pm I was feeling erm a little pissed and my belly was rumbling so can you believe it I got a macdonalds!  Haha it was actually really nice.....maybe that was the alcohol talking!  Anyway my present to the birthday boy was a cake! I think it went down well and turned out better than expected!

The Gallery - Sunday morning

This weeks theme from Sticky Fingers is Sunday morning.

I was lucky to have a lie in on Sunday after a night out (till 830am) and within minutes of being up papa penguin had left me with the kids and was out in the garden putting up our new fence.

Toddler penguin and baby penguin were given a biscuit each so I could have a few minutes peace with a cuppa and they sat by the back door watching.  So sweet!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - September 30th

Toddlers Dinners

Monday - Chicken nuggets, homemade wedge and peas
Tuesday - Beans on Toast
Wednesday - Cheese and Ham Omelette
Thursday - Sausages, potatoes and peas
Friday - Eggy Bread with Cucumber and Carrot Sticks

Grown up Dinners
Monday - Tricolour pasta twirls with pesto and cheese (Parlick Fell Sheeps cheese for mama penguin)
Tuesday - With papa penguin out the kids and I will have Beans on Toast!
Wednesday - Chicken Katsu Curry and Rice
Thursday - Lime and Coconut (from a jar!) Chicken Stir Fry and Noodles
Friday - Out and papa penguin has requested a pizza!
Saturday - Oh dear I'm out again!  Papa penguin and the kids are having Bangers and Mash.
Sunday - Chilli con carne

Meal Planning Monday

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lidl happy!

Recently papa penguin has been complaining about the supermarket ham we get.  This is after a trip to his parents who had some pretty good stuff which they claimed they got from Lidl.  

Papa penguin grew up in Germany after moving there at the age of 4 for his fathers job (aka Papi as toddler penguin calls him).  They as a family moved around southern Germany a bit and so had access to all the german hams on the market.  He has always claimed that the english stuff just isn't as good!

So I dragged the kids round Lidl one afternoon and was very impressed with the vast variety of food in the whole store.  If you aren't bothered about brands then its a great place to shop.  I've seen people in there filling their trolley obviously doing their weekly shop is easily done.  However I chose just to get a few items and here is what I bought on one particular shopping trip.

Just to prove a point I compared the price of these items from Lidl to Sainsburys (prices correct 26-29 September 2013).  Turns out I saved £8!  Everything at Lidl was cheaper!

There were a few items that I couldn't get from Sainsburys such as the hams, spiced biscuits and Cornichons so I haven't included them in the price comparison.

I'm definitely Lidl happy.  The prices are great and they don't compromise on quality like some cheaper supermarkets I feel do.

Friday, 27 September 2013

I've become a full time housewife!

I've been a bit lost recently.  Papa Penguin has been working really hard recently in his new job role and is hardly ever at home. If he is its for dinner then he is back on his laptop doing work again! All of a sudden I've have found that I have become a full time housewife and stay at home mum.

Technically I've been a full time housewife and stay at home mum since I got made redundant from my PA job last year, however I only noticed it this week after looking after a friends 2 year old for two days.

I've always been to really lucky and had a husband that was home by 6pm. We took turns bathing the kids.  He had a few jobs round the house which included emptying the bins, putting our bins and recycling out on bin day, hoovering, mowing the lawn, changing the bedsheets and even tidying the playroom.  The last few weeks I've done it all including mowing the lawn!

I've become like every other housewife out there.  Now I'm not complaining about this....I'm adjusting.  I think about those single parent families, army wives and families with children who are more demanding and I know I've got it easy.  But no one likes change!

At the start of this week things were going well.  Then I had an extra person to look after and my organisation went downhill. Once the kids were in bed I was too shattered to do anything but have a bath, get in my pj's and watch the Bake Off. The following morning came, I got up early and had to tidy the kitchen, lounge, hallway and playroom before the kids got up.  That way I could spend the morning with them before I had another kiddie to entertain.

This week any spare time I have had had been doing housework and preparing contracts and documentation for my childminding business.  Gone are the days of having time to myself to read a magazine or catch up on my crochet.

I am writing this draft post at 6am in the morning.  Baby penguin is lying across my chest.  She keeps squirming in pain with wind and lying on her belly with me patting her lower back helps.  One hand patting, one hand typing!

This week has been good practice for when I'm childminding. I need to be more organised in the day to day running of the household. The house won't run itself as I keep telling Papa Penguin!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Its a Thursday, toddler penguin is at nursery and baby penguin is napping!  I've hoovered the car, baked some cakes, been to the sorting office and tidied the lounge.  Now I'm sitting writing this with a cup of Clipper White Tea and 3 bourbon biscuits....bliss!

I went to the Cake and Bake show at the weekend.  It was great!  I really need to get one of those shopper trolleys as gosh my bags were heavy!  I got some bits for baby penguin's first birthday and I got one of those cupcake boxes to carry my creations around safely.  I also found Ms Cupcake - a vegan baker who most importantly makes dairy free cupcakes!  I got her recipe book (signed personally) and I can't wait to get baking.  The batch of cupcakes I made today is from my Cupcake Heaven magazine which I've just subscribed to!

And finally I got registered this week as a childminder!  I did my course back in March and I can't believe how long its taken! Currently sorting out insurance and then can start advertising!  My playroom needs some visitors!