Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My favourite cleaning products

I actually don't mind doing housework.  I like to have a clean house, especially the areas that you can see!

These items below are what you can find in my cleaning cupboard that I can't live without!

Fairy liquid
Cif Power Pro Naturals Spray or Ecover Multi-Surface Cleaner
Dettol Anti Bacterial Surface Spray
Astonish Stainless Steel Spray
Mr Muscle Window Cleaner
Supermarket own brand thick bleach
Cellulose Sponges
Non-Scratch Sponge Scourers
Scouring pads
Kitchen roll
Appliance Descaler

Bathroom Cleaning spray (whatever is on offer)
Daily Shower Shine Spray
Cif Cream Cleaner
Limelite Spray
Viakal Limescale Treatment
Microfibre Cloths
Old toothbrush

Cleaning appliances
Bosch hoover (own the model Bsgl3126gb)
Black & Decker DV7210N Dustbuster
Black & Decker SM1620 Steam Mop


  1. Why don’t you purchase an all-purpose cleaning product? I think this is a better idea than purchasing products that can only clean certain areas of your home. It can save you tons of money in the long run. What do you think? I’d love to know if you’d consider this idea. +Skylar Cox

    1. Thank you for your comment? Does such an item exist? For example in the bathroom I need something that gets rid of limescale, water marks and has bleach properties. Yet for the kitchen I need something that cuts through grease and has antibactical properties....