Sunday, 6 January 2013

Daily Routine - 2.5yr old and 3 month old

Now that I am a full time stay at home mum I have come up with the following daily routine for me and Toddler Penguin (aged 2.5 years) and Baby Penguin (3 months)....

645amMama Penguin up and dressed
7amToddler and Baby Penguin up, milk and a bit of tele
730amFree play
830amToddler and Baby Penguin dressed
9amGet ready to go out or...
Various Assisted Play Activities if we stay in
Baby Penguin naps
930amLeave for daily activities....visit friends, playgroups, soft play
10amBaby Penguin Milk
1130amBaby Penguin Naps
12pmHome for Lunch
1pmToddler Penguin Naps
Baby Penguin Milk
3pmToddler Penguin small snack
Assisted Play Activities
345pmBaby Penguin naps
Bit of Garden Play before it gets dark
4pmBaby Penguin Milk
Toddler Penguin free play
430pmMama Penguin gets dinner ready inbetween Free Play with Toddler Penguin
5pmToddler Penguin and Mama Penguin tidy toys away
515pmToddler Penguin dinner
530pmBaby Penguin Naps
6pmToddler Penguin Free Play with Mama Penguin
630pmBath time and brush teeth with Papa Penguin
Mama Penguin starts sorting dinner then takes over Baby Penguin's bedtime routine of baby massage before bed
7pmToddler Penguin story and bed
730pmMama and Papa Penguin dinner
8pm-930pmVaries each night....vegging in front of tele, ironing, laundry, housework, papa penguin working
930pmMama Penguin showers
10pmMama and Papa Penguin Bed

I love a bit of structure to my day but I won't stress out too much if things don't go to plan!

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