Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Resolution

Wow 2012 is over and 2013 is just beginning.  My most recent Reasons to be Cheerful post pretty much sums up what an amazing 2012 I've had. New home, new baby, end of a career, a start of a new one...the list is endless.

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2013 brings and like I do every year its time to make some resolutions that I really hope to stick to....at least a good few months!

1. Blog More
Since having a baby in October my blog posts have only been about weekly meal plans and reasons to be cheerful and I do feel I have lost my way about what my blog should truly be about.  The title being a big clue, Organised.  Since baby penguin's arrival I feel like I've had a lot less time to myself let alone myself and my mac!  

2. Find more time to myself
Toddler penguin is now no longer at the childminders and I until I get offered a morning place at a local preschool I'm going to be having both kids to occupy every day.  A full time job some might say so come tomorrow when papa penguin is back to work I'll be getting us into a daily routine.  This will also help prepare me for becoming a childminder later in the year. My resolution here is come rain or shine to get out the house everyday and organise my time better so I can relax a bit more - even if its only one evening a week.

3. Lose 7kg
Along with a good 90% of the population I will also make losing weight as one of my resolutions.  However I hate the word diet....I can not diet.  I like to eat a huge bowl of cereal for breakfast, after luch I like to have a something sweet at mid afternoon I like to eat cake. I'm addicted to the texture of cake so I'm always baking...however therefore always eating them (more than one a day) so I'm going to make a batch of cakes every so often and freeze them and only allowing myself one a day. I plan to make my portion sizes smaller and also exercise.  Its the only way I can lose the baby weight which has now become Christmas weight.  I was so proud at the end of November for getting into a pair of pre pregnancy jeans - you can imagine the horror when I tried to get in them this week and failed!
I have signed up to My Fitness Pal - add me "littlemisswala" and give me the encouragement I need.

4. Better use of family time
We've made a few family resolutions.  This includes going for walks together more often and exploring Surrey a bit more. We are thinking about becoming National Trust members as there are loads of gardens near us that papa penguin and toddler penguin would just love to explore!

Watch this space !


  1. Would you like National Trust membership for your birthdays instead of garden chairs?