Thursday, 3 January 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Happy New Year everyone!  We had a wonderful Christmas and I can't believe its over already.  You spend so much time planning for it and saving its just such a shame its all over in a week :(

We spent the weekend before Christmas at my mums stuffing our faces.  Christmas day we hosted with the in laws and Boxing Day was spent chilling.  I was in the land of nod when everyone else in the UK welcomed in the New Year.  Having a 13 week old baby meant we were in no rush to go out at all! We also celebrated our two year anniversary on New Years Eve by going out to dinner the previous Friday whilst todder penguin was being looked after by the in laws.

New year means New Me!  I'm loving the My Fitness Pal app as I've started counting calories.  Its a real eye opener as to what I eat every day and I'm struggling to eat within my limit. However I really like the way you have to think about what you are eating and if you want to eat more then you need to exercise.  Also this app not only records your calorie intake but also your carb intake which is really useful for papa penguin.  He has diabetes type 1 and is currently being encouraged to count his carbs and adjust his insulin levels accordingly.  Its a learning curve for us both.

Toddler penguin and I checked out a new soft play group in town today and I decided to walk there instead of drive.  We left a little late so I literally had to power was tough but so rewarding.  We walked along a nearby river and I came up with the following take on the popular Row Row Row Your Boat nursery rhyme....

Row Row Row your buggy
All along the path
If you see daddy there
Don't forget to laugh

Row Row Row your buggy
All along the mud
If you see mummy there
Go give her a hug

Row Row Row your buggy
All along the water
If you see a Spanish Girl
Go say hello and Hola

I'm sure there are lots more that people can come up with I found it a good distraction technique for my 25 minute walk and keeping toddler penguin occupied from not wanting to get out and jump in the river!

We've managed so far to escape the bug that seems to be going around all our friends and family (touch wood).  Toddler penguin had a runny nose and a bit of a cough for about 2 weeks at the beginning of December and I woke up one morning with a sore throat which soon disappeared.  Not sure how we have escaped it but I won't complain!


  1. Glad you had a lovely Christmas, it is good to track what you eat.. I need to do this a bit more as I'm a terrible for snacking.. Wishing you a happy new year xx

  2. I'm on myfitnesspal, feel free to look me up, I'm xojox. I love your song!! my son loves the 'if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream!' version x

    1. Aw yes we have that too....and if you see a polar bear don't forget to freeze...Brrrrrr! Have added you on myfitnesspal x

  3. myfitnesspal is so useful! I'm a student and everyone knows what they're like, so it's really handy to keep on top of all the calories I eat! My niece and nephew were unfortunate enough to catch the bug, hope you and your family have completely avoided it now! Happy new year (: x

  4. Hope you avoided the bug, we sadly weren't so lucky on New Year's Eve it was my turn! Sounds like a lovely Christmas, happy belated anniversary to you. Ps love the blog name shall follow shortly! Xx

  5. love your new version of 'row row' - that is always great fun coming up with things like that isn't it. Hope you manage to stay well and avoid the bugs. Happy new year and hope 2013 is an amazing year for you. xxx

  6. Lovely reasons. =]

  7. Well doen starting to use the fitness pal app, I see you have some weight loss already. Happy new year, Mich x