Thursday, 31 January 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

This week as gone super quick!  Papa penguin was working away up north from Monday early morning to last night so he has been missed loads!  However I survived without him and we actually all got lay in's as there was no alarm going off at 6am waking us all up!  Tuesday morning I woke up to find toddler penguin in bed next to me.....I hadn't even heard his door squeak let alone felt the bed move when he got in....just shows how tired I've been!

With my mum visiting just before the weekend we went swimming.  Baby penguin absolutely loved it....she wasn't phased by her first visit at all.  Toddler penguin wasn't much of a fan though and wanted to be held the whole time....I don't think I've ever had so many cuddles.  Turns out he prefers to paddle with just his ankles in the water....any more and he freaks out!  Glad my mum was around to help as I wouldn't have been able to do take them otherwise.

The weekend I took baby penguin up to St Paul's in London to visit some friends for lunch, she was an angel on the journey and I think she enjoyed her train and tube ride.  Can't believe she is now 15 weeks old!

Sunday we welcomed home papa penguins sister.  She has been working as a photographer on a cruise ship since July and loved every minute of it.  She is such a fab auntie so toddler penguin is glad to have her home....not sure how long for though as I think she is desperate to go back already!

I received an offer code from photobox this week for 50% off orders for one day only.  I ordered about 300 prints and a canvas to match one I had of toddler penguin...I can't stop staring at them!


  1. i'm glad your little one enjoyed the train and tube ride..its nice to meet up with friends for lunch xx

  2. Gorgeous canvases, I love Photobox. Sounds like a lovely positive week x