Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wobbles Wednesday

I'm a day late with this because my scales broke over the weekend.  Luckily I got some new ones delivered yesterday evening which meant I could hop on the scales first thing this morning. 

Now the new scales do show a weight loss however no two scales are the same.  I've treated myself to some Salter digital scales that also measure my BMI, body fat and water content.  Its quite interesting to read these figures and also compare to papa penguin.  Turns out we are both similar and both want to lose a stone.

Original Weight  74kg (163lbs)
Goal Weight  63kg (139lbs)
Last Weeks Weight  69.5kg (153lbs)
Today's Weight69.3kg (152lbs)

I am quite impressed with the weight loss if I have in fact lost any so next week will be interesting! I didn't make an exercise class this week as papa penguin was away but I did managed some power walks with the buggy.

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  1. well done on your weight loss and power walking this week xx