Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Its only 6 inches.....

Our new King Size bed got delievered last month and last week we finally got our king size mattress!  There may only be 6 inches between a double and a king but this morning we sure noticed the difference.

I'm a bit sleep deprived at the moment as baby penguin (4 months old) is still waking quite a bit in the night. In our old mattress I was getting a very sore back from cosleeping during the night feeds.  The back pain has gone which is such a relief.  Last night, well this morning toddler penguin wondered in somewhere between 4am and 5am.  Baby penguin was back in her crib (we have the Bed Nest) and I vaguely remember toddler penguin getting into bed with me but at what time I'm not sure.  515am baby penguin wakes up screaming out her windy pain, I have toddler penguin in my arms and I manage to lift baby penguin on top of me for a cuddle. Cue screams because she wants boob not cuddles.  This wakes toddler penguin up and he thinks its morning.  Does any of this wake papa penguin up.....nope not at all.  Till I give him a thump and ask him to help me getting the kids into the middle so I can feed baby penguin. 

Silence.....and space!  Neither of us had our butts hanging out the bed getting cold and moaning who has stolen the quilt.   We actually managed to get back to sleep....though only till 545am when papa penguins' alarm went off.

Early night tonight!

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