Sunday, 24 February 2013

Product Review - Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White

I haven't been asked to do this review but I just wanted to share this product with everyone else as I think its amazing! 

Having had two kids I've used quite a lot of stain removal products for various stains; poo, strawberries, chocolate, mud, spag bol; the list is endless! I find baby poo the hardest to get rid of as it is soooo yellow and really seeps through the clothes as it is so runny.

So before you keep reading, please be warned....this blog post contains pictures of poo! You have been warned!

So baby penguin suffers really bad from trapped wind and the like and in order to be happy she needs to do a poo at least once a day.  Toddler penguin was like this too.  However if she doesn't go one day you can guarantee the next day it will be explosive! One morning having not managed to change her night nappy yet she did a lovely explosive one in her white babygrow.  One of my favourites as it has little penguins on! Here's the evidence....

I didn't get to it straight away as I was dealing with toddler penguin and a potty incident but as soon as I could I got her out of her clothes and chucked them in the utility room. About an hour later I dug out my tub of Vanish. 

The Vanish tub comes with a "Treat & Go Rubbing Scoop" which has knobbly bits at the bottom of the scoop for you to work the Vanish into the fabric with.  I put a bit of vanish powder into the scoop and then a tiny bit of warm water and swirled around. This mixture was then poured onto the poo stain and rubbed in with the bottom of the scoop as shown in the picture below. 

The babygrow along with a lights washload was put in the machine on a 40 degree cotton wash but with a timer delay of 2 hours as we were going out.  The tub says not to soak for more than 6 hours. After washing I hung up to dry then like a normally do when the clothes are very nearly dry I bung them in the tumble dryer for 30 mins to soften them up and then fold and put away.  Stain had completely come out! Not even a ring mark left behind!
Before & After
This product actually works!  I love it!

Disclaimer: This is my own personal review. I have not been asked to carry out this review nor have I been paid to do so. Please make sure you read the instructions before carrying out any stain removal yourself.

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