Thursday, 14 February 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

We aren't doing anythng special, just cards and having our favourite pasta meal! Maybe we'll put a nice film on after the kids have gone to bed.....however i have a stack of ironing to do :(

These are the cards the kids made for papa penguin.

It was this week last year that I found out I was pregnant....I can't believe how fast my pregnancy went and baby penguin will be four months this weekend! Took a picture this morning of her in one of toddler penguin's pyjamas from when he was a baby. I love comparing them!

Pancake day was fun...we didn't make any last year as I was suffering from evening nausea. Toddler penguin loved his cheese and ham ones, not a fan of my fave lemon and sugar, but loved nutella pancakes!

Roll on the weekend as we're seeing Grandma penguin!!!!


  1. mummy penguin, it is very wrong to be doing ironing on valentine's day. maybe daddy penguin could do it and to show your love you will not complain about how bad he is!

  2. Lovely home made cards, I much prefer home made than brought ones! much more personal and way more thought and time =) Lovely reasons to be cheerful x