Thursday, 21 February 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

I write this post with match sticks holding my eyelids open!  Three nights in a row baby penguin has been up every two hours :( however as soon as I pick her up from her cot she gives me a beaming smile which weirdly makes it all worthwhile!

I visited my mum at the weekend and put on a stone!  Haha ok not so much a stone, infact I gained a pound since last week but Mmmmmmm it was worth it.  We had profitoroles, victoria sponge, ferrero rocher cupcakes for afternoon tea and pudding, and a most amazing chicken pie and roasties for dinner Sunday night. Thanks mum!

We decided to get a quote for having our driveway done....3 days later it was finish and wow I love it.  No more gravel spilling onto the road.  No more patchy bits.  And no more random weed bushes growing through. I really wish we had got it done sooner, I can't believe how quickly it was done!  Now just to keep it clean.  I have swept it every day...wonder how long I'll keep that up for!

Our new king size bed finally arrived and its lush.  The mattress is just sooo comfy.  Oh to get a good full nights sleep on it! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


  1. Wow, the photos of the food look amazing! Surprised it sat there long enough for you to snap them!! Tehe!! Loved having you guys and your stepsister's family here for the weekend. And loved looking after the kids on Sunday morning while everyone had a lie in.

  2. Those cakes look yummy..hope you get some sleep soon x

  3. Think I've put on weight just looking at that photo!

  4. Hooray for King Size beds!! We've had ours for a year now, and I've had the best sleep in it. And as for those cakes..... Yummy reasons :) X

  5. That cake looks amazing! I love staying with my Mum- who doesn't love being spoilt! Hope baby penguin sleeps better soon.