Thursday, 28 February 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Today is a difficult day.  I need to remind myself that although there are some negatives I have to look at the positives.

Negative 1 - I'm still sleep deprived due to baby penguin waking every two hours in the night - wind, hungry...I do not know I'm just too tired to work it out!
Positive 1 -  She is starting to roll, her neck muscles are getting stonger so loving to sit upright and she is such a happy easy baby during the day! She is gorgeous, healthy and perfect.  Need I say more!

Negative 2 - Potty training toddler penguin sucks!  This is definitely the hardest thing as a parent I've come across so far. I know that he can do it but it just frustrates me so much when he wets himself.  I know I shouldn't go backwards but I've put him back in nappies and I'm going to leave the potty training for another week or so.  I need to get through these sleepless nights first!
Positive 2 - Toddler penguin started nursery this morning!  He was so excited about going and looked fab in his "uniform".  I really enjoyed sewing in the name labels last night....yes I know iron on ones are easier but I wanted to sew!

Negative 3 - today 8 years ago my daddy passed away. I was 23 years old and still in my mind a child. You never get over losing a parent. In our house move 13 months ago we've managed to lose the photo album that I have of my dad.  We've searched through every box in the loft this week and its nowhere to be seen.  I am gutted if its lost.  I wish he was here to see his two amazing grandkids growing up!
Positive 3 - We live where we live in a lovely house because I inherited my dads everything....still I would rather have him around.....
Me and my daddy when I was a baby
Going to go and pick toddler penguin up from nursery now and spend the afternoon with my amazing kids who make me cheerful and laugh everyday!


  1. Strangely, during my bedroom decluttering, I found some stuff from your wedding, including my speech where I mentioned how proud your Dad would have been if he had been there to see you. He would be very proud to see you now, as a Mum of two. You are doing brilliantly, your children are gorgeous and you manage your time with them and running the house amazingly well. Don't let the negatives upset you too much, take Anna's advice about the potty training, and take a few moments to thank your Dad for managing his finances in such a way that gave you and your family a good start in life. He loved you very much, as do I.

  2. Potty training will get easier, it is really hard though. Once he's got the hang of it, it's a breeze.
    Lovely reasons to be cheerful! x

  3. really lovely photos, i hope you do manage to find the photo album, i am sure you will find it when you least expect it..i hope you all have a lovely weekend xx

  4. love your pictures.
    I think you did the right thing with potty training, sleepless nights are exhausting xx

  5. very touching reasons...I hope you find the album one day x
    I love the way you put the negatives and followed it up with positives...fab x

  6. I hope you manage to get some sleep soon! as for the potty training I have started and stopped a few times now but I have set myself a goal of April and hoping to stick to that. Will keep my fingers crossed that you manage to get the potty training cracked soon and that you find your photo album x

  7. Ah what a lovely honest read. I do hope you find your album. It must be tough - there's no time limit on grief. X X PS I like the sew on name labels too!!