Saturday, 16 March 2013

Don't cry over spilt milk...

I'm sat here at 3 minutes past midnight pumping away!  I've had a well needed night out with some fab friends.  We went for dinner and then some cocktails involving some well needed gin.  I made the 1115pm train home and now I'm contemplating pumping and dumping....

For those that are confused by this phrase it basically means that I pump and then erm dump.  I pump every evening before bed (I don't do the so called dream feed).  This breast milk then goes into a bottle for baby penguin to have the following day after her bath.  She is quicker to feed from a bottle and it gives papa penguin some time alone with her (though its usually sitting on the loo seat supervising toddler penguins' bathtime) whilst I get dinner ready and clear up the house.  Dumping means throwing it straight away.

So tonight I've had 3 glasses of pinot grigio, two gin cocktails, a G&T and a butterscotch schnapps and now I'm contemplating the dumping method.  I'm worried that the amount of alcohol I've consumed will segregate into my breastmilk and be passed onto baby penguin.

There is that phrase "don't cry over spilt milk".....well the person that came up with that phrase never pumped for 20 minutes just to get 5+oz and then poured it down the sink or as has happened before accidentally spilt it over the counter top.  Cue hormones galore and lots of crying!

So having googled my predicament I'm going to hang on to this 5oz till tomorrow and pray that it has no effect on my daughter.  Who knows, maybe she will sleep better tomorrow!

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